W4V/GC-001 High Knob

Summit: W4V/GC-001 High Knob
Date: December 21, 2013
Operators: Slater K4QWZ & Erik WX4ET
Summit Weather: Unseasonably warm, very windy
Difficulty: Easy
Hazards: None


Time Call Band Mode
17:21z AC4M 144MHz FM
17:22z K2JB 144MHz FM
17:23z NE4TN 144MHz FM
17:24z KI4YYG 144MHz FM
17:25z KB4KTH 144MHz FM
17:33z K4EJQ 144MHz FM

After departing Erik’s house around 10:40 am, we arrived at our destination around 12:00 pm. Due to construction work, the parking lot near the summit was not accessible by vehicle. Even so, it was a very short hike from the gate, up the access road, to the summit.

The summit was a very muddy, due to the construction. Other than the new overlook being built, it was completely void of anything but mud and grass. Despite the incoming clouds and rain, the view was amazing in all directions. While on top, we could see the rain showers moving in the distance, coming closer and closer.

Although it was a very warm day (70′s in the valley), it was a bit chilly on the summit with the wind. But it was not unbearable or anything close to our experience on Little Bald Knob. The wind caused several issues. Erik’s antenna toppled over at least once, pulling one of the elements off. Mine kept rotating, causing the boom to slide off its position on the tripod head. Not to mention the wind’s attempt to mangle our log books.

After setting up, fighting the wind, taking photos, and (most importantly) making our contacts, we got back to the Explorer just before 1 pm. As we were getting in the truck, several people on horseback passed us.

Next stop: Wise 10 Benchmark.

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